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3 Steps For an Automated Shower

By: Team ProSolutions

With more homeowners taking the time to automate and upgrade different sections of their home including lighting and air conditioning, why does your plumbing have to take a back seat? You shower daily and spend time in the bathroom getting ready, so what would it take to bring your old bathroom into the future?

It may seem like a daunting task, particularly when you stroll down an aisle filled with tech-heavy fixtures that seem to require special training to operate, but with a little help from your local plumber, you can get that modern new bathroom without the hassle.

Upgrading to a Smart Home

smarthomeA smart home is a home filled with automation – where you can easily control every aspect from the convenience of your smartphone.

While it can start as something as simple as lighting and temperature control, it can easily take a step forward into your overall comfort.

Imagine if you could warm up your shower before even getting out of bed, setting the temperature and water jets with ease. That’s exactly the idea behind a smart home, a place where you can arrive at the end of a long day just to relax.

The Benefits of a Digital Shower

prosconsOne of the easiest upgrades you can make in your bathroom is with a digital shower. There are plenty of different models on the market, so it may be important to refine the search.

You’re always going to want to look for something that is within your budget and compatible with your current plumbing.

Some homeowners may not think about it, but your pipes and water outlets also have to support the new fixtures you’re installing. Similarly, you’re going to want to find something that has the perks you want. Always wanted a massager? Looking for a rainfall showerhead?

Upgrading to a digital shower is your opportunity to find the perfect fit for you and your needs. Your home is your castle, which is why having personalized areas is the best way to invest and appreciate it. Then with a little help from your local plumber, you’ll have an oasis in your home!

Why Your Shower Head Matters

showerheadIf you’ve ever dealt with an old shower head, dirty with water stains, and offering the lowest water pressure around, you know how much of a hassle it can be.

With a modern shower head in your bathroom, you can control the temperature, the water pressure, the length of your shower, and even the lighting if you choose to install it.

In addition, with automated systems, you can easily control all these settings from the comfort of your bed. Imagine on those colder days being able to set your entire bathroom before having to leave the warmth of your covers!

Be sure to give our plumbers a call to find out how you can make your dream bathroom a reality. And be sure to share this article with your friends and family – they’ll appreciate you when they have their own oasis too!

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