Changing your air conditioning filters regularly already puts you a step ahead when it comes to your AC. However, keeping your air ducts in pristine condition can optimize the way your AC cools your home, how often your filters need to be changed, and can even affect your breathing! ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers air duct cleaning and repairs to help you with each of these issues while allowing you to save money on energy!

Looking to upgrade your air conditioner? Consider a new AC system installation – the best way to save money and improve airflow in your home.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

When you choose to keep your air ducts clean, you are helping your whole household breathe easier. You may not realize it, but keeping your air ducts clean and in good repair will save you several headaches (literally and figuratively) over the years! Here are some of the top benefits of air duct cleaning:

  • Improved indoor air quality: you may not be able to control the quality of air outside of your home but you can definitely take charge of your indoor air. Even with regular filter changes, contaminants, dust, debris, and germs can lurk in your air ducts, constantly being blown around by your AC.
  • Improved comfort: when your ductwork is clean, there is less resistance for the cold air to fight. This allows the cool air to be delivered where its needed in an efficient manner. You will notice that rooms feel colder without changing the thermostat after an air duct cleaning.
  • Improved longevity: as mentioned, your AC system won’t have to fight as hard to push cold air through. While this is great for your comfort, it is also great for your HVAC system. When a system doesn’t have to work as hard, it can stay working for a longer period of time.
  • Improved cost savings: air duct cleaning helps with the efficiency of your system. The efficiency of your system is directly linked to your electric bill. The more efficient your unit is, the lower your bill–and the opposite is true as well!

When to Have Air Ducts Cleaned

There are many schools of thought surrounding the frequency of air duct cleaning. However, as a standard, ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning recommends every three to five years. This does not mean you need to have a standing appointment, but instead, just know that typically in that timeframe, your ductwork will need to be cleaned.

Should you notice problems like dust accumulation around the vents, signs of pest or rodent infestations, mold growth, or continuing respiratory problems, it is definitely time to consider air duct cleaning!

ProSolutions for Every Home

Knowing which services are absolutely needed versus which services are made to seem that way can be tough. The professionals at ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can explain to you which services are best for your home, when you need them and how often. We won’t try to upsell you with gimmicks, but instead will offer truthful information about how our services can benefit your home!

Cleaning & Repairs Testimonials

Cleaning & Repairs FAQs

  • AC parts – Which parts break down if it’s not maintained?

    AC parts break down over time. However, an improperly maintained central air conditioning system will put pressure on every part of that system. A dirty filter that hasn’t been replaced, fans that are not cleaned, leaking refrigerant, exposed wires in the electrical box, ice build up on coils. These put pressure on the capacitors, sensors that track heat levels and thermostat readings and generally weaken the unit so it does not run efficiently and any part can break down.

  • Furnace blower is not working! What should I do?

    If your furnace blower is not working, there could be a couple of issues here, one more serious than the other. Firstly, it is important to understand how a furnace works. You can begin to understand this through a very simple principle. A furnace uses some type of fuel (i.e. electrical, oil, gas, etc) to heat a series of coils.  What type of fuel your furnace uses for this combustion.  This series of heated coils (called a heat exchanger) has a fan (called a blower motor) which blows your houses' air over them and into your air ducts where it is dispersed throughout your house.  This simple process, regardless of what type of fuel you use, is how your furnace is able to blow warm air into your home.

    If you're having any issues with your furnace blower not working. It can come down to the blower motor in the furnace may need replacing and that’s usually a job for the experts. A capacitor. If the capacitor is defective, the fan motor might be noisy, overheat, or not run at all. If the control board is defective, it might not send voltage to the blower motor. If the furnace is not getting power, check the furnace circuit breaker or fuse as this might also be an issue.

    On the other hand, the unit may be clogged with dirt and dust and you may be able to fix that yourself but may likely need special attention to unclog the debris and dirt from the components.

    In the end, there are several things that can lead to a furnace not blowing air.  If you decide to try and repair an older unit and it requires more effort and costs incurred. It may just be more advantageous to replace it.

    If you need help with your furnace issues, give us a call today!

  • Why is it my AC Unit won’t run at all?

    Reasons your AC unit won't run at all, sounds like an electrical problem. A fuse may have blown or circuit breaker tripped. If resetting those doesn’t solve the problem there may be an issue with the unit’s circuit board. In which case check with ProSolutions Inc. to give you a diagnosis.

  • AC condenser coil is frozen. What should I do?

    If the coil hasn’t been cleaned for a long time or the refrigerant has sprung a leak, here’s what to try:  

    Set your thermostat to high and Fan Only, and leave it on for a couple of hours. That may resolve the issue. If it does not work, you could have more than just a frozen line causing issues. Call in the experts and let them help you out. Click here to learn more about AC Repairs.

  • Blown fuses from AC unit when turned on. Why?

    If you are experiencing blown fuses from your AC unit. It’s often an electrical issue with the breaker or the house wiring. Likely a short circuit or some type of a fault to ground issue. It could also be that a dirty filter is the culprit. One not uncommon answer is to check the electrical box in the condensing unit. It’s not surprising in a place like Edmonton, that mice have built a nest in this box and have also nibbled at some of the electrical wires. If you’re like many of us, you’d want an expert like ProSolutions Inc. to fix it.

  • Cool air is not getting throughout the house

    There are several possible reasons. The usual ones relate to a frozen evaporator coil, dirty filter, dirty condenser coils, a leak somewhere in the refrigeration system or possibly in the ductwork system. It could also be that your unit is older and simply not able to keep up with the extra heavy cooling demands with our weather changes these days. ProSolutions Inc. can check this for you, identify the issue, and advise you on the best actions to take.

  • The AC unit’s power is on, but nothing is happening?

    If your AC unit's power is on, but nothing is happening. You may have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. There may be a problem with the motor. Other factors could include a refrigerant leak, a filter that needs changing and dirty condenser coils. A capacitor could be weak. If you are unable to diagnose and fix it yourself, call in ProSolutions Inc. to help. Our trained AC technicians will be able to quickly diagnose the issue.

  • Why is my AC compressor so noisy?

    Compressors can make banging or rattling sounds, hissing or clinking noises, humming and screeching. Your first action is to shut down the unit. Causes include loose parts, the motor coming loose, a refrigerant leak, faulty controls, low on oil, and pressure build-ups.

    For all these problems you’re best to bring in ProSolutions Inc. to diagnose and fix the problem, including possible compressor replacement.  

  • What is the difference between a boiler and a furnace?

    In Edmonton, both boilers and furnaces are used to provide homes with heat. The difference between a boiler and a furnace is the way in which they heat a home.

    A boiler takes water and heats it then circulates this hot water (or steam, in some cases) throughout the house in order to heat it. The hot water is circulated using pipes, radiators and/or radiant floor systems. Once the water has cooled, it is returned to the boiler to be heated and reused in a closed-loop system.

    A furnace, on the other hand, heats and distributes air in order to heat a home. This hot air is distributed via ductwork and vents.

  • AC Leaking – I found leaking water under the furnace

    The most likely answer is that the drain line is clogged due to dirt, dust and fungus growth. If you have a wet dry vac you can probably unplug this yourself. On the other hand it can be awkward and is better left to the experts at ProSolutions Inc. Learn more about AC Repairs.


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