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Maintaining Edmonton AC Systems For More Than 30 Years. That's Experience You Can Trust.
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Reliable, Top-Rated AC Tune Up Experts SERVING Edmonton

At ProSolutions Inc., we aim to provide the best Air Conditioning contractor services, customer support, and HVAC products to keep your family's home comfortable.

  • Reliable & Thorough AC Tune-Ups
  • Trained and Professional AC Technicians
  • Experienced with all residential AC brands
  • Upfront pricing | No overtime fees
  • Friendly staff. Customer 1st focus.
  • Affordable AC financing options.
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Why Choose prosolutions for Edmonton Air Conditioner Tune Up?

Looking for a complete air conditioner tune up in Edmonton? You need a professional AC maintenance company with decades of experience and a proven track record for keeping AC units running for as long as possible. With ProSolutions Air Conditioning Inc., you get all that and so much more. Our experienced team of residential HVAC technicians provides honest and reliable AC tune ups and maintenance, along with 5-star customer service - guaranteed.

Call our top-rated residential AC maintenance company in Edmonton for all your tune up and maintenance needs. When you contact ProSolutions, One Call Solves It All!

5-Star Service Guarantee

Every time you deal with ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, you receive our promise of a 5-star experience - GUARANTEED.
Comfort Guarantee
We guarantee your new system will heat or cool your home as we have stated. If the temperature range we have promised is not achieved, we will repair or replace the system at no charge.
Inspection Guarantee
We ensure that your installation meets all local health & safety codes including local permit requirements. We work with the local inspections branch and keep educated on all code requirements.
Property Protection Guarantee
All your personal property is protected. Protective shoe covers, hall runners, or drop cloths will be used in all work areas. Should any damage happen, we will repair or replace.
Customer Service Guarantee
We guarantee a polite, respectful customer service experience from every staff member you encounter. We want to give you service worthy of a 5-star review.
Price Beat Guarantee
If you find a lower price on the same AC, furnace or plumbing equipment, installation, and guarantees we’ll pay you $50.00. All we ask is the comparison is “apples to apples”.

We Aim to be the #1 Rated Furnace & Plumbing Company in Edmonton

At ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we strive to make every Air Conditioning service we do in Edmonton a 5-star customer experience. We aim to be the best residential HVAC company you've ever worked and will do what it takes to make the job right if something does happen unexpectedly.
They are so wonderful. They do an amazing, professional, trustworthy job, and provide great products with service and warranty. I also appreciate how they are so encouraging of teaching me how and when certain items need to be maintained. Thank ...

By: Allegra M.
We just took possession of our home on Friday, but we had scheduled ProSolutions a bit ago to quote us on a long list of upgrades/repairs. Craig came by first thing in the morning to take a look at the ...

By: Ashliegh F.
I had been told by another company that my air conditioner was not worth repairing and would require a new one for $7000. ProSolutions came out, determined that the repair was quite manageable and did it that day for a ...

By: Gail M.
I’ve called this company many times. For hot water tanks, furnace, and air conditioner repairs. They are prompt at coming, the service men are always professional and respectful and made sure we understood what they had done. They’re a one ...

By: Diana W.
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AC Tune Up Brands We Trust

ProSolution’s Edmonton technicians are experienced with all the top AC brands.

With 30+ years of experience providing air conditioner tune ups in Edmonton, we know a thing or two about AC maintenance. Most importantly, we know what it takes to keep an air conditioner in peak running condition. Our experienced technicians work on thousands of air conditioners every year and can maintain your AC for better, more efficient cooling.

From high-end AC brands like Trane and Amana to more affordable options like RunTru and AirEase, we aim to keep your air conditioner running for as long as possible. Our goal - to maximize your investment and keep your energy bills as low as possible.
Get ProSolutions to maintain your AC and experience more reliable and efficient cooling, plus a lower utility bill.

Prevent Furnace Breakdowns with Routine Furnace Maintenance included in our ProComfort Membership.

Sign up for the ProComfort Heating program to receive our Preferred Member benefits & services all year including a no-charge annual Furnace Tune-Up. Plus, you will receive 20% off heating repairs & furnace accessories like humidifiers, UV purifiers, etc. Oh, we almost forgot! Take 20% off plumbing services too!

Join Our Preferred Member Furnace Program

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Edmonton AC Tune Ups FAQ

Questions about your air conditioning problems? We have answers to common questions we hear when people call looking for Edmonton AC Tune Ups help. Check out our feature blog articles to help you with troubleshooting your furnace. 

Air circulation issues in your home? If you are experiencing this, check the vents in those warmer rooms. Vents bringing hot or cool air into the house winter/summer accumulate dust, pet dander, whatever, and should be vacuumed on a regular basis to ensure good air flow. At the same time make sure that your return air vents are not blocked by furniture or other items pushed up against them.

The AC unit suction line needs protection from outside air otherwise condensation will occur with water dripping on the floor or ground. It also means that refrigerant gas can warm up before it reaches the compressor. Make sure the line is covered with insulation to protect it and maximize the efficiency of your AC unit.

Experts like ProSolutions will tell you that it’s best to have at least two-thirds of your vents left open for best operation of your AC system. It is far harder to cool down a house versus keeping it at a constant temperature. 

We recommend a smart thermostat when your home comfort system has both an AC and Furnace unit. In addition to improved comfort settings, many smart thermostats are able to alert you of troubles like “Too Hot” or “Too Cold” warnings - some can even report directly to your phone!

If it’s battery-operated, check the batteries and replace them as necessary. Otherwise, if you have a problem, call one of our experts at ProSolutions.

Cleaning a condensing unit can be an important part of maintaining the longevity of your condensing unit. Should you use a pressure washer or liquid cleaner though? The short answer is NO! Do not use a power washer. You may damage fins or other parts of the condensing unit. Use a garden hose and spray into the coil to remove all the dust and other stuff that gets onto the coil over the season. As for liquid cleaners, most of them contain corrosive agents and you don’t want to damage the coil or any other parts of the unit with which it comes in contact.

If you're thinking about cleaning a condensing unit, a certified AC repair contractor will have specialized cleaners in cases where the coil needs to be thoroughly cleaned. 

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How Often Should You Tune-Up Your AC System?

It is recommended that you tune up your AC system at least once per year. This will guarantee that everything is working properly so you can rely on your air conditioner all summer long. 


Getting an AC tune up in Edmonton is also worth it because regular air conditioner maintenance will help you save money in the long run. If you maintain your AC properly, you can help prevent breakdowns and big (expensive) issues.


Keep in mind, there are several DIY AC maintenance tasks that can also help keep your AC running smoothly. For example:

  • Keep your outdoor AC unit clear of debris
  • Ensure your AC is level
  • Inspect and clean the outdoor unit
  • Change your AC air filter

Plus, don’t forget to schedule your annual AC tune up with ProSolutions. Or, sign up for our AC Maintenance Program and leave the scheduling and maintenance to us!

Why It’s Important to Change Your AC Filter

A dirty AC filter can cause many issues. For instance, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your home if it is plugged with dirt and debris. As a result, your utility bill will increase, your AC unit will be in constant need of repair and you may have to replace your air conditioner sooner than expected. By changing your AC filter once every few months, you can prevent these issues and more, for a happier, healthier home.


ProSolutions Cooling Inc. offers AC filter replacements to ensure your energy bills stay low and to prevent unwarranted wear and tear on your air conditioner.

What's Included in an AC Tune-Up in Edmonton

An AC tune up in Edmonton should include an inspection of your entire air conditioner. The air conditioner maintenance technicians at ProSolutions will complete an in-depth inspection of all your AC’s most important components, including:

  • Evaporator coils
  • Refrigerant lines
  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Blower motor
  • Thermostat
  • Ductwork
  • Filters, etc.

As a result of our thorough AC tune up process, we can catch (and fix) potential issues before they become costly problems. With an air conditioner tune up from ProSolutions Cooling Inc., your AC unit will have fewer breakdowns, last longer, and run more efficiently. Best of all, this will help you save money year after year.


Want to schedule an air conditioner maintenance service call for your AC? We recommend annual maintenance every Spring. This will guarantee that your AC is summer-ready - so you can enjoy a cool, comfortable home all season long.

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