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What are the disadvantages of ductless air conditioning?

Although mini split ACs have numerous advantages, there are also several disadvantages of ductless air conditioners that homeowners must consider.


The main disadvantages of ductless air conditioning include:


  • Initial cost - the cost to install a ductless mini split air conditioner is similar to that of a forced air system and much more expensive than a portable AC.
  • Aesthetics - with a ductless air conditioner, the indoor evaporator unit is mounted to a wall or ceiling. Some homeowners do not like this aesthetic and prefer a more inconspicuous central air conditioning system.
  • Regular maintenance - like a forced air system, a mini split AC requires routine maintenance. For example, the filter of each interior evaporator unit should be cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks (or more frequently if you smoke or have pets).
  • Risk of leaking - Due to the indoor condenser being mounted on the wall inside your home, there is always a possibility of leaks. Regular maintenance should help prevent this, but there have been instances where tenants or homeowners neglected proper maintenance, resulting in leaks that damaged walls, decor, and other belongings.
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