Burst pipes are the last problem anyone ever wants to deal with – but they’re often the reality for many homeowners in Edmonton dealing with colder, winter temperatures. While there are a number of ways to prevent burst pipes and prepare for winter, none of them are 100% certain. Should you be faced with a broken pipe that is gushing water into your home, take a deep breath and know that ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help! We are a full service, 24-hour emergency plumbing company that will arrive promptly to make the needed repairs.

Prevent frozen pipe damage in the winter by inspecting your plumbing for water leaks. Our leak detection services can prevent major emergencies.

Tips for Preventing Burst Pipes

Although there is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent a burst pipe, there are several ways to lessen the risk. Here are the best ways to winterize your home this year:

  • Insulate: exterior pipes are prone to freezing thus need a little help staying warm. Do this by applying heat tape to exposed pipes and by placing foam spigot covers on all outside faucets
  • Cabinets doors: leave cabinet doors open, especially the ones located under sinks that face exterior walls (typically kitchen and laundry room sinks)
  • Seal leaks: small air leaks in your home can do BIG damage. Aside from causing your energy costs to rise, they can also wreak havoc on your pipes
  • Leave a drip: a small amount of water flowing through your pipes will make it harder for ice to form. This will not increase your water bill as long as there is only a small trickle or drip–not a fully open faucet
  • Keep your home warm: it may be tempting to turn off your heater if you are leaving town for a few days but this could result in a mess when you return. Keeping your home above 13 degrees Celsius will keep your energy bill low while preventing frozen pipes

Most often, burst pipes occur in winter because of freezing temperatures, but they can also happen when there is a severe blockage in the line. The best way to prevent one of these clogs is to opt for regular professional drain cleaning.

What to Do if a Pipe Bursts

A pipe bursting in your home is scary: there is a lot of gushing water, thoughts of damage and repairs, and trying to save irreplaceable items. Each of these notions is understandable, but you must shut off the water from the mainline as soon as possible. This will stop the flow and prevent further damage. Once the water has been turned off, call ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to allow for fast service.

We will quickly diagnose the issue and repair it quickly in order to limit damage and downtime in your home. Whether the pipe needs new welding or a complete replacement, you can trust that our staff will provide a long-lasting solution.

The ProSolutions Difference

There are numerous plumbing companies in the Edmonton area and several that offer 24-hour services–what makes ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning any different? One of the biggest benefits you’ll notice with our company is that we don’t charge a premium for emergency services. In addition, we offer fixed, upfront pricing so you’ll know the cost of the job before it ever begins. Finally, our technicians are well-trained on the newest technologies yet still knowledgeable on the older ones and are respectful–they arrive on time and clean up after themselves!

Want to prevent a burst pipe emergency? Find out about our drain cleaning solutions, and make sure your pipes are protected.

Whether you’re dealing with a burst pipe because of freezing temperatures or a severe blockage, you will need a contractor to repair it quickly! Call ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (780) 453-6640 for a fast response to your emergency!