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Rated: 4.8 / 5 
Read 100s of Reviews


By: Mo M.

My first dealing with ProSolutions was in the winter of 2016 when my hot water tank burst. I called ProSolutions as soon as I saw the tank had burst. They gave me a great quote for a new tank, installation and removal. The plumber came within two hours to do the removal and installation which I thought was amazingly fast. The plumber was extremely professional, did a fantastic job, and I couldn't have been happier! In late summer of 2018 I decided it was time for a new furnace and A/C unit as mine were 18 years old. They were still working but I knew there wasn't much life left in the furnace. Because of my first experience with ProSolutions, I contacted them for a quote. Jason (the owner) came out the same day, looked at the layout of my house, the square footage, then gave me his recommendations. Jason is an expert on HVAC and explained what he thought I needed and why. He was easy to understand and took any time I needed to answer any questions I had. I was extremely happy with Jason and the quote. After my first great experience with ProSolutions it was a no-brainer to have them do the installation. An added bonus was Jason did not put any pressure on me whatsoever to buy. I am a customer who really hates having pressure put on me to make a purchase. There was no delay in having to wait and the installation/removal happened within two days.The removal of the old furnace and A/C unit combined with the installation of the new furnace and A/C took about a day and a half. The technicians were extremely polite, efficient, knowledgeable and motivated to do the best job they could. I have had the furnace and A/C unit for 10 months now and they are awesome. My experience with Jason, ProSolutions, and the staff, could not have been better!

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