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Top Plumbing Pipes For Home Safety

By: Team ProSolutions

The plumbing in your home is essentially the source for many of your comforts and conveniences. Want to take a hot shower? There’s a plumbing pipe for that. Running your dish or clothes washer? There’s definitely pipes providing water for that too.

Because your plumbing is such an integral part of your home, replacing any of it will leave you with a hard decision to make. What pipe should you be using in your home? What’s the best option for your budget and needs?

While there are plenty of options, and one for just about any occasion, this article will try to give you some helpful information on which material works best for your home.

PEX Pipes For Flexibility

Cross-linked polyethylene, aka PEX, are plastic pipes that can take the place of your standard plumbing. Because they’re made from a durable and flexible plastic, which is more similar to rubber, they allow more flexibility when installing. While standard plumbing requires welding and complex cuts to create a full system, PEX can easily run through tight spaces with only a fitting needed to connect sections.

Some of the other benefits of PEX include their lower price point. In addition, PEX pipes often come in red and blue variants, which make it easier to determine what lines are for cold water and which are for hot.

Brass Pipes Give Your Durability

These pipes are designed with durability in mind. Not only do brass pipes work seamlessly with cold and hot water, but they can also be welded into place. As opposed to plastic or PEX pipes, brass has a tendency to be abrasive resistant and can be used both indoors and out.

While they may be more expensive during initial installation, based on their longevity and ease of use when replacing sections of plumbing, they’re a great choice for many homeowners looking for versatility and convenience.


CPVC Make Installation Easier

A middle ground between PEX and brass, CPVC pipes are essentially a hardened and more durable version of the more common PVC pipes. Like other plumbing, these pipes can easily be installed and adjusted to accommodate small installation areas. Even the angles behind the walls aren’t a problem thanks to couplers and other installation tools.

CPVC pipes have outdoor applications and come in multiple size ranges so a plumber can easily find the right one for your need. These pipes are also completely safe in regards to water quality and won’t impact your health in any way.

Choosing The Best For Your Home

When the time comes that you need to replace sections of plumbing in your home, there are a lot of factors that go into that choice. From the price of the materials to the longevity of the installation – it all comes into play.

Above all, however, is the importance of installing plumbing that is safe for your home and your health. You always want to go with the best materials that won’t deteriorate and leach into your water supply. An experienced plumber will be able to help you make that decision.

So choose what’s right for your home and be sure to share this blog with your friends and family – they may need some help finding the right plumbing for their home too!

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