Most people don’t enjoy the thought of having to pay for a new air conditioning system and the installation of it. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life–but the proper installation can ensure that your AC runs efficiently for years to come! ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning should be your top choice for AC installations as we are certified on numerous brands and know exactly what your home needs to stay cool and energy-efficient. Best of all, we stand behind our installations, which means if you have an issue in the future, you can count on our cooling contractors for help.

We are expertly trained in all the leading methods and technologies available on the market from all the major brands you recognize best such as Amana and Goodman.

Looking to avoid an AC replacement? Consider regular inspections and repairs to keep your system in top shape.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

There can be numerous signs that it is time to replace your AC, but the biggest and most obvious one is that it is broken beyond repair. However, many times, less honest AC contractors will continue repairing a unit instead of telling you it should be replaced because constant repairs are their source of income. ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning will gladly repair an old unit, but we will also be honest about whether or not it is time to replace it. Here are a few key instances where you should consider the installation of a new unit:

  • Age – as with any appliance, an AC has a certain number of functional years. In this case, the magic number is 10. If your air conditioning system is approaching 10 years old and is always in need of repair, or if it has made it to 12 or 15 years, consider a replacement
  • Frequent breakdowns – as much as we enjoy seeing our customers, you shouldn’t have to call us for a new issue every few weeks
  • Increasing energy bills – when your AC runs inefficiently, it costs you money. Older units are almost always less efficient than the newer ones
  • R-22 refrigerant – this refrigerant is being phased out and replaced with other, more environmentally-friendly options. Because of this, R-22 will become increasingly expensive in the coming years, making it senseless to continually repair an AC that uses it
  • Uncomfortable home – an AC’s job is to keep your home cool and comfortable. If it seems like there are rooms that stay stifling hot or freezing cold, it could relate back to the unit. Also, if you find yourself constantly turning the thermostat down, your system may be having a hard time keeping up with the demand
A 15+ years old outdoor unit that’s incapable of performing regular cooling.

Benefits of Professional Installation

While you can easily find a neighbourhood handyman to install your new air conditioning unit, why would you want to take that risk? Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to install a number of brands. Before ever choosing a new AC, we can begin helping you by properly sizing a unit to your home. This is important because a unit that is too big or small will not run efficiently and cost you money. In addition, you can look forward to these benefits:

  • Your air conditioning will be installed correctly the first time. We know where each nut and bolt goes, how much torque they need, and understand the electrical components of each system
  • Should anything go wrong with your AC, we will step up and help correct the problem. Depending on which brand you choose, it is possible for an entirely new unit to be installed if these problems recur
  • Suitability matters! In addition to finding the proper size AC for your home, our technicians are trained to look at your ductwork and any other components to ensure that everything will work together like the well-oiled machine it is meant to be.

Trust ProSolutions for Your AC Installation

When you make the call to ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, you are making a call that ensures your comfort, safety, and cost savings! Choosing a professional that is trained to install air conditioners means that you are choosing the safety of your family and the longevity of your unit. We always arrive on time and present a fixed, upfront cost before any work begins to avoid any surprises at the end.

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AC Install FAQs

  • What size of AC do I need?

    The size of AC you need will depend on several factors.

    For help finding the right size AC for your home, contact a local St. Albert AC contractor. They will help you find the right size and the right unit for your needs. The contractor will complete a load calculation to determine what size AC you need. Factors like the size of your home, the local climate, the number of appliances you have, etc. will be taken into account. Therefore, it’s best to have a local St. Albert AC contractor complete this estimate so that they can base the calculation on the local climate.

    Keep in mind, while you can have an AC unit that is too small you can also have a unit that is too big. An AC that is too small will not be able to cool your whole home and a unit that is too big will waste energy. In both scenarios, your utility bill will be more than necessary and you will likely be reducing the lifespan of the air conditioner. When you're shopping for a new AC, be sure to keep size in mind.

  • How long does it take to install an air conditioner?

    How long it takes to install an air conditioner will depend on several factors. This includes the type of AC unit you buy, the type of unit you’re replacing, the size of your home, the location where the new unit will be installed, the condition of the ductwork in your home, etc. However, on average, a professional AC installation company should be able to accomplish this within a day. 

    When having a new central air conditioner installed in your home, be sure to use a local AC company to do the installation. This will ensure that the unit is installed properly, that it will run as efficiently as possible in Edmonton conditions, and that the AC contractor can complete the installation as quickly as possible.

  • Does adding AC increase home value?

    Yes, adding AC will increase home value. This is especially true for homes in Edmonton. Summers is Alberta can get extremely hot, therefore, many homebuyers prefer houses that have central air conditioning installed. 

    If your home does not currently have air conditioning but you are considering installing AC, it is highly recommended. In fact, some estimates suggest that installing an AC unit can add up to 12% to the value of your home. Especially if you opt for a high-efficiency air conditioning unit. In addition to increasing home value, central AC adds to your home’s comfort, resulting in a healthy and happy environment.

    Before choosing and installing a central AC unit, be sure to get an AC installation quote from a local AC contractor and to ask the right questions.

  • Can I have too large of an AC System?

    Does the size of AC unit effect performance? Yes! Often, homeowners who buy based on the biggest cooling capacity are disappointed in the final performance of their system.

    If the unit is too large, the space gets too cool and humidity is not removed. You’ll feel cold and clammy. Plus the frequent cycling can wear out your AC Unit faster since the hardest load on your AC is when you start it up. You can also freeze up the AC unit if the air flow is too low and the unit can not be kept from freezing up. Freezing up of a central AC system is a recipe for disaster on the HVAC equipment.

  • What does SEER stand for?

    SEER is the acronym for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio”. It is a maximum rating and not a constant value which can make it hard to really understand in every situation. Higher numbers represent higher efficiency. Currently, you can find AC units with SEER ratings as high as 25.

    Basically, SEER is the average expected energy use of your home’s AC unit if you keep a constant inside temperature while dealing with the outside fluctuations in temperature during the season (so 15 - 35 degrees C in Alberta). 

    You can think of the SEER value the same way as the milage (L/100km) your vehicle gets. Under optimal conditions, without driving aggressively (cooling too much) you should average out to the manufacturers rating. 

  • How do I select the right AC system?

    Make sure that the system is the right size for your home or building. So square footage, ductwork, windows, single or two storey home – they all factor into the calculation.  The ProSolutions team can figure this out for you as we have for more than 10,000 homes across Edmonton and area.

  • AC Installation Decisions – What’s most important?

    Several manufacturers make and distribute air condition systems. Generally they’re of a high standard. The difference between a good installation and a great one is the expertise that goes into the installation. ProSolution is well qualified to do that for you.

    Over the years, we have created extensive installation procedures that guarantee the job is done right every time. We know how to overcome common challenges and the ones that are rare. 

    Hiring those less experienced often results in headaches for the homeowner. This makes a ‘deal’ on the installation not always a deal in the long run. You want to work with a company that will be around longer than your AC unit so you know who to call if it breaks. 

  • AC sickness – Will it make me ill?

    Your AC system has filters specially designed to remove dust and other impurities. These filters remove almost all possibilities for allergies to exist.  Since the air conditioning also removes excess humidity from the air, it prevents the build-up of mould and bacterial growth. This helps improve your home’s air quality. 

    People that report being allergic to AC are typically allergic to what's in the air being circulated. This is why proper filters or air cleaners are essential for AC and furnace systems. Your home’s comfort extends beyond just the air temperature/humidity, to the cleanliness of it too.

  • What disruption are there when AC is installed?

    At ProSolutions we take the greatest care to ensure that our installation will be top of the line. We have handled many retrofits for our customers. Our installers are among the best in the industry – we have the experience and we’re well aware of the complexities involved when installing these systems.

  • AC Unit Warranty – What type will I get?

    All AC Unit warranty installations are backed by a minimum 5 year comprehensive parts warranty & mosthigher efficient models boast 10 years out of the box. 10 year extended labour warranty is available through pretty much any professional AC installation company and their brand of partners.


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