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Opt for Clean Air on Love a Tree Day

By: Team ProSolutions

When was the last time you felt grateful for clean air? Was it the last time you stepped outside, and took a breath of fresh crisp air? It is a cathartic feeling to breathe deeply; knowing you are taking in nature’s best gift.

A soft breeze, a hint of summer flowers in the air, and gentle ocean wind is only possible by the clean air that delivers it to us. All of these things would not be possible without clean air. It is the essential life force behind every living thing on our planet.

Which is why today is so exciting! If you did not know, today is National Love a Tree Day! Trees are the mother of clean air. Today, we get the chance to celebrate these majestic creatures and honor what they do for us!

We Need Clean Air

Our world greatly benefits from having clean air. Having clean air to breathe is the obvious number one advantage. Things like allergies and asthma are greatly reduced when our air is at its cleanest. Clean air also reduces the risk for things like:

  • breatheHeart disease
  • Lung Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Respiratory diseases including illnesses like chronic bronchitis
  • Premature death

Trees go a long way in helping us have clean air. By undergoing photosynthesis, trees produce fresh oxygen. In basic terms, trees absorb sunlight and water and turn them into energy. A byproduct of the change from heat/H2O to energy is the release of oxygen; which we need to survive.

We Need Our HVAC Systems Too

hvacsystemUnfortunately, with the pollutants we continue to put into our atmosphere, trees need more help than ever before. HVAC systems have become essential in keeping our indoor air at an optimal rate.

Though we have improved since the Clean Air Act of 1970, air pollution is still a leading cause in respiratory diseases and illness.

Having an HVAC system in place in your home will help combat pollution. Upgrading and keeping your air filters clean in your HVAC unit is so important! This is what will make a difference in your homes air quality.

It is also so important that we take care of our trees! Trees are nature’s own HVAC system. Having a growing population of healthy trees will make the world of difference. Without these things in place, we cannot hope for a future that will bring sustainable air.

Time to Celebrate

loveatreeNational Love a Tree Day is the perfect time to remember all trees have done for us! We have to do our part as well, though. Making an effort today can have a huge impact on tomorrow, and the clean air we breathe.

What’s the best way to celebrate? Start by planting a tree! Plant a tree in your backyard, or in a local park. There are thousands of tree species to choose from. You do not have to break the bank either! Simply planting an acorn that you find on the ground can grow an oak tree!

Planting acorns has actually shown to be more successful than planting a sapling. Just make sure the tree you’re planting is conducive to your environment; a palm tree (though beautiful) probably won’t do well in Alaska!

We Want to Help

If planting is not something you are up for, watering a tree will also help! Giving a tree a clean drink of water can go a long way. Either way, we hope you join us in celebrating National Love a Tree Day!

Pro Solutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we are committed to keeping our planet’s air as clean as possible. We also ask you to reach out to us if you need assistance with your HVAC system. We are always available to answer all of your questions!

From all of us at Pro Solutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we wish you a great Love a Tree Day!

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