There are few things worse than flood damage to a home – particularly damage that could have easily been prevented. Whether you’re in a flood zone, have older plumbing, or simply just want to be precautious, one way to get it done is with a sump pump installation. At ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we are your expert Edmonton plumbers. Not only can we help you find the best sump pump for your home, but also we can install it efficiently and effectively.

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When to Repair a Sump Pump

Sump pumps aren’t something that most homeowners think of as often as other appliances like dishwashers or refrigerators. However, these pumps are just as important if not more so because they can help prevent flooding in the lowest levels of your home! With time and use (or lack of use) sump pumps can become damaged and in need of repair–usually this isn’t obvious until your pump absolutely needs to work but is failing. Here are a few signs that your sump pump needs the care of a professional technician from ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning:

  • No water in the pit: if your pump is running but there is no water in the sump pit, it could be an indication of improper installation or a clog somewhere in the lines
  • Rust: rust is unattractive but also can indicate corrosion of the most important components of your pump. This could hinder its function in the middle of a huge rainstorm which could cause flooding
  • Odours: if your basement smells musty or dank, it could be a sign of mould. Mould occurs when there is moisture present which means your sump pump isn’t working correctly
  • Strange noises: there are a whole host of noises that a sump pump can make and each one is indicative of a different problem. Usually, components need to be repaired or replaced, but depending on the noise, the entire pump may need to be retired
  • Failing to run: a sump pump should be automatic. If it isn’t running when it should, running too long, or running intermittently, there could be an issue with the switch or with something electrical. This can actually be caused by the pump rarely running a normal cycle due to lack of rain

The Types of Sump Pumps

Though there are numerous brands and horsepowers when it comes to choosing a sump pump, there are actually only two main kinds. Each type has advantages as well as disadvantages, but typically one will work better for your home than the other.

  • Submersible sump pumps are placed in the sump and will obviously be submerged. Because of this, the noise is greatly reduced and the water can help keep the motor cool which allows for it to run for longer amounts of time. Unfortunately, a major drawback is that these pumps are harder to access when they need to be repaired, but you can definitely rely on these pumps to remove water at a fast pace.
  • Pedestal sump pumps are placed above the sump and use a hose to pump water. These pumps are usually less costly and last longer than their submersible counterparts. They are easily repaired because they are easily accessible to technicians. The major disadvantage to these pumps is that they often lack the power to pump out major quantities of water.

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As you can see, sump pumps are a necessity to prevent basement or lower-level flooding in your home. Unfortunately, people often wait until it is too late to repair them and end up with a mess on their hands. ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help ensure that your sump pump is running well, repair it if it’s not, or completely replace the unit if there is a need.

We also offer professional burst pipe repair services, which can help get your home back in working order in no time.

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