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Best Heating Temperature For Winter


Winter is here in Edmonton, which means the heat is on at home! How wonderful to have your home all warm and cozy after a day spent outside marveling at the wonders of nature in the wintertime. There is more to heating your home than turning on the heat though.

What do you know about your thermostat or what it should be kept at for the very best heating? Our trained team of HVAC specialists have put together some advice for you.

What Temperature Should The Thermostat Be?

temperatureIf you are cold, turn the heat up, right? Wrong. Setting the thermostat too high means that your furnace works harder than it has to. It’s an inefficient way to heat your home.

It’s best to set your thermostat for 66°F during the nighttime when everyone is in bed asleep. During the day (when you are at home) turn it up to 68°F. If you are still chilly, put on a sweater!

What Kind of Thermostat do You Have?

thermostatThe most common kind of thermostat is the manual kind. You literally need to switch in on and off by hand (kind of like how you do with a light switch).

You set the temperature this way as well as have the HVAC move between cooling and heating.

Wireless thermostats are becoming more popular because they let you control the heat from a distance. For energy efficiency, your best bet is a programmable thermostat. This lets you set your home’s temperature around your schedule, which means that you won’t waste energy.

Keep The Bills Down

billsBeing mindful of your energy use can really bring those bills down. Small steps add up to big savings.

Get your furnace tuned up every season to make sure that it is working efficiently. Repair broken seals around windows and doors.

Attach window film to window panes (this is easily done with a hair dryer). Close drapes at night and open them during the day to prevent warm air escaping outside. If you have a chimney, make sure that the chimney damper is closed when not in use.

Make sure that vents aren’t covered by carpeting or furniture. What works in your home to get the best heating? What is your favorite way to conserve energy and keep the bills down? Post your best tips in the comments below so that others can benefit too.