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2023 Best Plumbing Company in Edmonton
2023 Best Plumbing Company in Edmonton
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Rated: 4.8 / 5 
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Sink & Faucet Plumbing

Time For New Sink Taps in Your Kitchen or Bathrooms? We Can Repair or Install New Plumbing Fixtures Quickly & Trouble Free.
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Reliable, Top-Rated Sink & Faucet Plumbing Experts SERVING Edmonton

At ProSolutions Plumbing Inc., we aim to provide the best Sink & Faucet Plumbing services, customer support, and Plumbing products to keep your family's home comfortable.

  • 30+ years of sink & faucet repair experience
  • Common sink & faucet parts in our vans
  • Trained & professional plumbers
  • Experience fixing all sink & faucet brands
  • Upfront Pricing | No Overtime Fees
  • Friendly staff | Customer 1st focus.
  • Affordable home repair financing available
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Choose prosolutions for Tap & Fixture Repair in Edmonton?

​​Looking for a trusted sink and faucet repair company in Edmonton? You need professional plumbers with decades of experience and a proven track record for fixing sinks and faucets fast! With ProSolutions Inc., you get all that and so much more. Our experienced team of residential plumbers provides honest and reliable sink and faucet repair, along with 5-star guaranteed service.

Call our top-rated sink and faucet repair company in Edmonton to fix your leaky faucet, sink or other fixtures. With ProSolutions, One Call Solves It All!

5-Star Service Guarantee

Every time you deal with ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, you receive our promise of a 5-star experience - GUARANTEED.
Comfort Guarantee
We guarantee your new system will heat or cool your home as we have stated. If the temperature range we have promised is not achieved, we will repair or replace the system at no charge.
Inspection Guarantee
We ensure that your installation meets all local health & safety codes including local permit requirements. We work with the local inspections branch and keep educated on all code requirements.
Property Protection Guarantee
All your personal property is protected. Protective shoe covers, hall runners, or drop cloths will be used in all work areas. Should any damage happen, we will repair or replace.
Customer Service Guarantee
We guarantee a polite, respectful customer service experience from every staff member you encounter. We want to give you service worthy of a 5-star review.
Price Beat Guarantee
If you find a lower price on the same AC, furnace or plumbing equipment, installation, and guarantees we’ll pay you $50.00. All we ask is the comparison is “apples to apples”.

We Aim to be the #1 Rated Plumber Company in Edmonton

At ProSolutions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we strive to make every customer interaction a 5-star experience. You'll love our friendly attitude from the 1st phone call to the last. 

Just wanted to say think you for the excellent service you have provided. Sergio was excellent to work with. He was prompt, took the time to answer all of my questions, and was kind and courteous. I really appreciated his ...

Abigail L.
I had an air conditioner installed, then later a water tank and furnace replacement. They are an exceptional company to do business with. Excellent techs and customer service. Prompt and accommodating. Professional and friendly. I will continue to use ProSolutions! ...

Shelley R.
I first called ProSolutions in (I think) the nineteen nineties. At the time, our residential hot-water tank needed replacing. I was pleased with the result, and I have called on them ever since whenever I have had plumbing or heating ...

Cliff W.
Craig and Sergio from ProSolutions Plumbing & Heating were extremely professional and proficient in replacing our family’s water heater. Furthermore, they took great care to protect the existing flooring from any possible damage while moving out the old water heater ...

L. Gutwin
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Sink & Faucet Plumbing | Brands We Trust

ProSolutions Inc.'s Edmonton Plumbers are experienced with All Major Hot Water heaters, Water Softeners, & other plumbing appliance Brands.

With over 30 years of experience, we know how to properly fix sink and faucet brands of all kinds. Our skilled plumbers fix hundreds of sinks and faucets every year and can repair yours in no time.

From Noritz and Rheem to Bradford White and State, we work with all the top plumbing brands in Edmonton. Our goal is to make sure that your sinks, faucets and fixtures work efficiently and effectively for as long as possible - so you can extend the life of your plumbing and keep your water bill low.
The sink and faucet repair specialists at ProSolutions Inc. are experienced with all sink, faucet and fixture brands in Edmonton.
The sink and faucet repair specialists at ProSolutions Inc. are experienced with all sink, faucet and fixture brands in Edmonton.

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Sign up for the ProComfort Cooling program to receive our Preferred Member benefits & services all year including a no-charge annual AC Tune-Up. Plus, you will receive 10% off AC repairs & furnace accessories like humidifiers, UV purifiers, etc. Oh, we almost forgot! Take 10% off plumbing services too!

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Edmonton Sink & Faucet Plumbing FAQs

Questions about your repair your sink faucet problems? We have answers to common questions we hear when people call looking for plumbing service help. Check out our feature blog articles to help you with troubleshooting common household plumbing issues. 

First, shut off the main water supply to prevent further damage. If the burst pipe is near any electrical outlets or appliances, turn off the electricity at the breaker box. Avoid standing in water to prevent electrical shock. Once you’ve secured the area, call a professional plumbing company to assess and repair the damage.

You can’t run out of hot water with tankless water heaters – unless, of course, the power supply is off or goes out. However, a tankless water heater can have trouble keeping up with demand if too many things require hot water all at once. For example, if several appliances are operating at the same time (the dishwasher, the laundry machine, etc.), and you go to have a hot shower, you may find that your tankless unit isn’t capable of providing enough hot water. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you install a tankless water heater that has a large enough capacity to handle your demand for hot water.

Yes, at ProSolutions Inc., we stand by the quality of our work. Every service we provide comes with our 5-Star Service Guarantee. Additionally, we offer a Property Protection Guarantee, ensuring that your personal property is safeguarded during our repair process. If any damage occurs, we commit to repairing or replacing it.

The difference between a boiler and a hot water tank has to do with the way in which each uses the hot water that it produces.

Both boilers and hot water tanks take cool water, heat this water and then distribute it throughout a home via pipes. However, the water that is heated by a boiler is distributed throughout the home via pipes, radiators and radiant in-floor systems in order to heat it – to keep the rooms, floors, garage, etc. comfortable and warm.

On the other hand, a hot water tank heats water that is used for cooking and cleaning purposes – for showers, dishwashing, laundry, etc.

Drain cleaners can be bad for pipes. This is particularly true for chemically costic drain cleaners. 

Chemical drain cleaners create a chemical reaction in your pipes. This results in heat being emitted. It is this heat that can be bad for your pipes. Older and plastic pipes, especially, can be damaged by chemical drain cleaners. If you have plastic pipes and you use a chemical cleaner, the heat may melt the plastic. This can result in leaks and further damage. As well, drain cleaners are not good for septic systems.

To avoid damaging your pipes, try another method of unclogging your pipe first. If you’re unsure, call a professional drain cleaning plumber services provider to help you get the job done right.

Tankless water heaters are the most energy-efficient hot water systems on the market. In fact, tankless water heaters can be approximately 35% – 80% more efficient than traditional hot water tanks. 

Tankless hot water heaters can be powered by electricity or gas. However, gas-powered tankless heaters are more efficient. In addition to being more energy-efficient, tankless water heaters cost less to operate (up to 50% less than traditional hot water tanks) and last longer (up to double the lifetime).

The plumbing professionals at ProSolutions PHAC recommend the following high-efficiency tankless water heater:

  • Noritz EZ111 (Gas Powered)

Please note: Although tankless water heaters are the most energy-efficient hot water system, they are not for everyone. Our guide to tankless water heaters can help you decide if a tankless heater is the best option for your home.

The amount of time it takes to get hot water from a new water heater depends on the size and type of hot water heater. A properly and professionally installed gas hot water heater will provide hot water most quickly. An average 40-gallon heater will only take about 30 to 40 minutes to provide heat water, while you can expect hot water from a larger tank (80-gallons) in approximately 60 to 70 minutes. Electric hot water tanks, on the other hand, will take a little longer. For an average 40-gallon electric heater it will take about 60 to 80 minutes and for an 80-gallon tank about 2 hours.

ProSolutions Inc. stands out due to our commitment to fast and reliable service, especially in emergencies like burst pipes. With over 30 years of experience in Edmonton, our trained residential plumbers are equipped with advanced tools and technology to handle burst pipe repairs efficiently. Plus, our upfront pricing ensures no hidden costs, and our no overtime fee policy guarantees affordability even in emergencies.

12 Holiday Home Maintenance Tips from ProSolutions Inc.

We want you and your family to be worry free over the winter holiday season. Here are some home maintenance tips to keep you trouble free this season. …

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More Plumbing Articles

Do Edmonton plumbers fix sink faucets?

Yes, Edmonton plumbers fix sink faucets, sinks, bathroom faucets, and other fixtures. When you have a problem with your sink or faucet, be sure to call a plumber right away. A professional plumber can quickly assess the issue and repair your sink faucet quickly.

A leaky faucet may not seem urgent. However, the longer a faucet leaks, the more damage to your plumbing system. A leaky faucet can also leave ugly water stains in and around your sink from the splashes left behind. In addition, leaking faucets, no matter how slow the leak is, waste a fair amount of water. This means higher water bills month after month.

Prosolutions Inc. is a full-service plumbing company that specializes in sink and faucet repair. No matter how big or small your plumbing issue is, our professional plumbers will be there to fix it quickly.

Cost to Repair a Leaky Faucet in Edmonton

Are you wondering - how much does it cost to get a plumber to fix a leaky faucet?

Based on our experience, it costs about $200 to $300+ to repair a leaky faucet in Edmonton. The total cost depends on what the issue is and whether the faucet needs to be replaced, as well as where the leak is located, the Edmonton plumber you hire, etc. 

Don’t worry, at ProSolutions Inc. we offer upfront pricing - so you’ll never run into surprises on the final bill.

Do I need a plumber to fix a leaky faucet?

Now, you’re probably wondering - is it worth it to get a plumber to fix my leaky faucet? If the problem is simple, you may be able to fix a leaky faucet yourself. For example, if a connection is loose and simply needs to be tightened, this can be easily fixed with the right tools. However, when it comes to installing a new faucet, the job is not as easy as it looks. In addition to removing your old faucet, you will have to mount the new one (making sure it covers the previously drilled holes) and ensure it stays in place while you reassemble the pipes.

Proper installation is essential to ensure the faucet is well-attached and doesn’t leak. Therefore, if you are unsure why your kitchen or bathroom faucet is leaking, or you need a new faucet installed, you’ll want to hire a local plumber. Hiring a professional will also help you avoid the aggravation that often comes with installing a new faucet!

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