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HVAC Shortage Alert: What an AC & Furnace Shortage Means for Edmonton Homeowners

HVAC shortage alert for Edmonton homeowners

Furnace Shortage Update: November 2021

The furnace shortage and AC shortage in Edmonton continues. As discussed in our HVAC shortage article below, many consequences stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted the availability and price of furnaces throughout the country. However, this winter, the furnace shortage has become even more dire. Many Edmonton homeowners are unable to purchase their preferred furnace, let alone any furnace at all. 

Here’s an update on the furnace shortage and what you can do.

Why is there a furnace shortage?

You’ve probably heard that there is a supply chain issue across the globe. As a result, the availability of many goods has been impacted – including furnaces. 

High transportation costs have been a key factor in this supply chain issue and the rising price of products and services. Labour shortages have also played a role in the ability to get and install a furnace. In some areas, this means longer wait times for delivery and installation – if you can get a furnace in the first place.

How is the furnace shortage impacting Edmonton homeowners?

For Edmonton homeowners, this furnace shortage means that finding the furnace you want for your home may be extremely difficult this winter.

Need a new furnace? Here’s what you can do to combat this furnace shortage.

  1. Call ProSolutions as soon as possible – the sooner we can help you determine your needs and place an order for your new furnace the better.
  2. Expect increased prices – be sure to anticipate higher furnace prices when setting your budget.
  3. Be open to other options – as discussed, it may not be possible to get your first choice of furnace. Therefore, it’s important that you have various options in mind.

During this tough time, our promise to our customers remains. At ProSolutions, we will find a way to get a furnace that is suitable for your home. We may not be able to get you your first choice but we will do our very best! 

In preparation for this furnace shortage, we have put orders in for many units. As a result, ProSolutions will have access to the most furnace options. This will help our customers secure the best units amidst this furnace shortage.

Are you an Edmonton homeowner hoping to buy a new AC or furnace this year? As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is currently a shortage of raw materials used for the production and installation of HVAC systems. This material supply issue has resulted in an HVAC shortage. In particular, an AC and furnace shortage has impacted Edmonton homeowners.

What does this mean for homeowners in Alberta? 

In addition to difficulty finding your ideal HVAC system, price increases are just around the corner. 

Here’s what you need to know about this AC and furnace shortage and how you can prepare.

What HVAC materials are in short supply?
Will this impact AC and furnace prices?
Should I buy a furnace now?
Can I make monthly payments on an air conditioner?
Ideas for financing your HVAC system

HVAC Material Shortages and Increased Costs

As mentioned, many HVAC materials are currently in short supply in Alberta and around the world. This has resulted in a massive AC and furnace shortage.

But, what HVAC material shortages are causing these issues? 


A copper shortage has significantly impacted the HVAC industry. Why?

Copper supply and price levels play a major role in the manufacturing and installation of HVAC systems. This is because copper is used to produce many parts that make up an HVAC system.

For example, copper tubes are used in the manufacturing of AC condenser and evaporator coils. Copper is also used to make the lines for AC installation. As well, copper heat exchangers are often used in the production of furnaces and the wiring needed to power HVAC units.

As you probably know, when a material is in short supply its price increases drastically.

Therefore, HVAC manufacturers are facing increased costs due to the extensive use of copper in AC and furnace components. These increased costs are passed along to consumers, resulting in higher prices across the board. In fact, many popular manufacturers, like Trane, have recently announced price increases.

Keep in mind, manufacturers are moving away from copper to aluminum AC parts. This may be a helpful alternative, as copper prices continue to soar.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is also used frequently in HVAC manufacturing. For example, this material is used to make the primary and secondary heat exchangers in a furnace. 

As a result, stainless steel shortages have increased manufacturing prices and, therefore, the price consumers pay for HVAC systems. This has also impacted furnace supply, resulting in a furnace shortage in Edmonton.

AC Gas

AC gas is another element that is influencing the HVAC shortage. R410A gas, in particular, is in short supply.

R410A gas is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC). It is used as a refrigerant in many new air conditioning units.

This gas shortage means fewer air conditioning systems can be manufactured, resulting in an AC shortage in Alberta.

The cost of R410A gas has also increased as a result. This, in addition to the increased costs of nitrogen and acetylene in the US (which are used in the AC install process), is contributing to rising manufacturing costs.

Fuel and Transportation Costs

Fuel and transportation costs also continue to rise. As many popular air conditioning units and furnaces are manufactured in the United States, this means significantly higher costs to import and deliver.

General Manufacturing Costs

General manufacturing costs have increased as well. This increase in equipment, labour and other associated expenses affects the manufacturer and the price of ACs and furnaces down the supply chain.

Impact of the HVAC Shortage on AC and Furnace Prices

How have raw material shortages and an increase in manufacturing costs impacted the price of air conditioners, furnaces, and other HVAC systems?

Overall, prices have increased by up to two times when compared to last year. For copper wiring alone, this shortage has resulted in $100 – $300 in added costs. An AC that was $2800 – $3000 to buy and install last year, is now approximately $4000! The cost to buy and install a new furnace has also increased similarly.

Although the price of many components has increased, others remain unchanged.

For instance, the labour rates charged by many Edmonton furnace service companies remain the same. The HVAC experts at ProSolutions are still charging the same price for labour as last year – for now.

Why just for now?

High inflation rates will lead to increased employee costs. Therefore, as a result of inflation, labour and installation costs will rise shortly.

As a result, now is the time to buy and install a new furnace! Here’s why.

How to Beat this Furnace Shortage – Why Now is the Time to Buy

Why are furnace professionals recommending that homeowners in Alberta buy and install furnaces now?

The truth is – the cost for raw materials will go down and this HVAC shortage will end – eventually. However, pricing will never return to what it once was. This is because increases in labour costs will have the most significant impact on furnace pricing and installation. Buying and installing a new HVAC system now will help you avoid these high labour expenses.

In addition to buying and installing a new HVAC system now, we recommend that you make furnace repair and maintenance a top priority. This will also help you avoid the increased labour costs expected in the short term.

Want to get ahead of this furnace shortage but don’t have the cash for a new HVAC system?

By utilizing financing options, you can purchase and install your new home comfort system now and pay later over the long term!

Here are some viable options to consider.

Furnace Financing Options from ProSolutions PHAC

At ProSolutions, there are various HVAC financing options available to homeowners in Edmonton. 

This includes long-term financing with an interest rate of just 5.95% APR. For purchases that are less than $10,000, homeowners can take advantage of a 15 year (180 months) term. For purchases over $10,000, a 20-year term is available. 

Additional advantages of financing your purchase through ProSolutions include:

  • No penalties for early payments
  • Ability to borrow against your credit not your home
  • No liens or other stipulations that put you at risk of losing your home

These financing options mean you and your family can be comfortable in your home this summer without being limited by cash on hand. Why should a furnace shortage stand in the way of your comfort!

For Edmonton homeowners who don’t require long-term financing, ProSolutions also offers short-term deferrals. Make no payments and pay no interest for three, six or twelve months.

This makes a new AC or furnace a no-brainer!

Ways to Pay for Your Furnace

Looking for creative ways to finance your new HVAC system during this furnace shortage? 

There are many ways to get the home comfort system of your dreams. The fastest and easiest? We have some ideas…

  1. A rich family member entrusts you with their wealth 
  2. Winning the lottery
  3. Entering the Taste of Edmonton 50/50 Raffle for 50k!

We may not be able to help you get adopted by a rich uncle but we can point you to the upcoming Taste of Edmonton 50/50 Raffle. With a prize of up to $50,000, you could have any HVAC system your heart desires. 

Check it out for your chance to win big! 

Ready for a New AC or Furnace?

If you’re ready to commit before inflation takes its toll, give the furnace experts at ProSolutions a call! 

Our dedicated team of HVAC professionals will help you with how to choose a new furnace and home comfort system. We’ll also provide you with an upfront quote before we get started. 

Even amid an HVAC shortage, our team will do their best to get you your AC or furnace of choice.

Need help with financing? We can do that too!

Talk to you soon.